กรุณาเลือกข้อที่ถูกต้อง คุณมีเวลา 5 นาทีในการทำ 10 ข้อนี้ (เทียบเท่ากับการจับเวลาจริงของข้อสอบโทอิค) กรุณาลงข้อมูล ชื่อและอีเมล์ เพื่อรับผลสอบวัดระดับพื้นฐานแกรมม่าในการสอบโทอิค

1. According to a survey _______ by the Fielding Institute, advertising on the Internet accounted for 10% of total advertising.
2. Ms. Smiths _________ to another branch, so your new financial advisor will be Mr. Myers.
3. Work in excess of 8 hrs per day, ______ authorized by the client, will be invoiced at 1.3 times the regular hourly rate.
4. ________ by the audience's positive reaction to its music, the Gary Jones Band played well past midnight.
5. The park service asks visitors to behave ________ and show respect for wildlife.
6. The CEO will use her ________ in determining how the organization of the company will be conducted.
7. In spite of the rainy weather, last evening's holiday reception was ________ attended by staff researchers and administrators.
8. In order to suppress harmful insects and weeds, garden maintenance companies must choose the right products and apply them ________.
9. The houses in the street are fairly close to _________; however, the fences that surround each property help to ensure privacy.
10. __________ the firm's notable achievements this past year was the opening of a new research and development center in Seoul.

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